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Reduce employee burnout, retain exceptional talent & prioritize psychological safety through providing emotional intelligence training for leaders &

their teams.

Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW brings a fresh perspective into how understanding and effectively responding to the emotions of those around you, is the key to helping leaders and their teams create a psychologically safe workplace.

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In a rapidly evolving world, where remote work is the norm and “quiet quitting” is on the rise- fostering a workplace culture that prioritizes innovation, creativity & adaptability- is crucial.

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And if you’ve landed here- you know this too. But this doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  

It requires leaders & employees to communicate with each other, and develop trust in one another. 

This inevitably leads to companies retaining incredible talent, and a workplace culture that people feel psychologically safe to contribute, share and thrive in.


But how exactly does this happen? By prioritizing the development of emotional intelligence in business leadership. And that’s where Topsie comes in.


Topsie VandenBosch is an experienced Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, Mindset Coach & Psychotherapist. She combined her decade-long knowledge from the mental health field with her experience coaching business owners- to create a unique, evidence-based approach that champions psychological safety in the workplace. 


what is psychological safety- & why is it important for the workplace?

Psychological safety is about cultivating a space where everyone feels safe to share ideas, express concerns, and speak up. It’s the practice of ensuring that people don’t fear punishment, retribution, or ridicule for expressing their concerns and ideas. Employees need to know that their contribution and their voices matter. This is what leads to increased innovation, employee retention & trust in company leadership. But what most companies don’t realize, is that in order to create an environment where psychological safety is the norm - emotional intelligence needs to be rooted in the foundation of company culture. Without emotional intelligence as the bedrock of communication - psychological safety simply can't exist.  

what is e.i. - emotional intelligence? why does your organization need it?

When leaders understand their own emotions and know how to recognize and respond effectively to the emotions of those on their team- this is how you can tell that emotional intelligence training is a priority.


If E.I. is woven into the fabric of your organization’s culture, it creates a ripple effect where openness, mutual respect, and trust become the norm instead of the exception.


This allows for psychological safety to not just exist passively- but to thrive actively.


Through the use of in-person and virtual learning programs- Topsie's approach ultimately improves team cohesion, increases leadership & team performance, and helps you retain talent.

choose a topic:


Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Mastering Your Emotions for Effective Leadership


  • Understand the 6 core competencies of the leadership model of emotional intelligence that Topsie was trained in;

  • Learn strategies for how to use these core competencies to enhance awareness of your emotions

  • Identify strategies for how to better manage & master your emotions for effective leadership- which enhances communication, builds trust, and increases productivity.


From Conflict to Cohesion: Building Psychological Safety In The Workplace


  • Identify early signs of conflict in the workplace

  • Learn conflict resolution strategies and techniques Identify effective communication skills that work in both in-person and remote work environments;

  • Learn what psychological safety means for your organization & what it will look like

  • Discover & apply Topsie’s framework for how to build a psychologically safe workplace

  • Walk away with a tangible action plan to implement immediately in the workplace


Improving Emotional Well-being for Enhanced Psychological Safety 


  • Learn about the intrinsic connection between emotional well-being and psychological safety, and how nurturing one positively impacts the other.

  • Understand how mental health impacts performance

  • Foster an environment that encourages conversations about mental health, wellness & capacity. This assists in creating a psychologically safe workplace

  • Learn the tangible ROI of investing in mental health in the workplace

  • Walk away with actionable steps to implement emotional wellbeing principles into their daily operations


Meet Topsie
VandenBosch, LMSW

Topsie VandenBosch is a Psychotherapist, Mindset Coach & Emotional Intelligence Practitioner. She received her Master of Clinical Social Work degree from Michigan State University, & received her license to practice in 2013. She obtained her Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification in 2021.


With a decade of experience in helping diverse populations overcome mental health challenges, Topsie partners with companies to transform their workplace culture. Her expertise lies in training corporate leaders & their teams on how to use emotional intelligence skills to foster stronger team relationships,retain talent, and enhance psychological safety.


Topsie has been flown to speak + facilitate workshops at several events- including business conferences + company retreats. She has robust experience in guest speaking inside of business programs virtually and in-person, and has spoken on 25+ podcasts to date.


Her years of practicing clinical mental health therapy, and owning her own therapy practice- equipped her with invaluable skills and insights that enrich her work today.

Topsie’s consulting + coaching approach is rooted in the scientifically proven evidence based skill of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is a set of skills that help leaders + their teams to understand their own emotions, and recognize & respond to the emotions of those on their team. When these skills are the bedrock of company culture- this is when an environment of psychological safety can be felt.


Her approach is also informed by the evidence based principles from cognitive behavioral theory, psychosocial development, and mindfulness based coaching models.


To date, Topsie has had the privilege of working with more than 600 coaching and course clients-, including founders, start-ups, and entrepreneurs. This experience has allowed her to refine her approach to coaching and consulting, offering services ranging from in-person and virtual workshops to one-on-one coaching with CEOs.

She crafts unique solutions for each organization- taking into account the modality, location, size of team, scope of work, and duration. This personalized approach ensures that each engagement is created specifically for you, is most effective, and delivers the desired results.

Topsie's interactive and dynamic workshops, speaking, and coaching help organizations in these areas:

High Performance
Psychological Safety
Mental Health/Wellbeing

Emotional Intelligence Resilience

Topsie is a first-generation immigrant, who grew up in a small town on the southeast side of Michigan. She is the product of an Ivy-League educated father and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for a mother. She and her husband are transplants to the sunny state of Southern California, and is thankful every morning that she no longer has to see snow outside her window 😂

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