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Virtual Concierge Therapy |

Executive Mental Health Therapist for CEOs

hi there, i’m
Topsie VandenBosch!


If you’re here right now- you probably feel like you’re constantly prioritizing your business instead of your marriage. In making sure that you maintain the success of the business- it feels like you have to choose between both. You know that you need to release the pressure you feel to control everything- but you dont know how to do that. But you’ve come to the right place- because I am THAT therapist for entrepreneurs.

 I know first hand, as a former breadwinner- how it can cause you to feel like you’re dropping the ball on a marriage that matters to you. It doesn’t feel fair- which makes you wonder whether it’ll always feel this hard. You often feel overwhelmed & over-stimulated- and torn between putting out fires in your business, and putting out fires in your relationship. And if you're being honest- you feel like you don’t even have time for yourself-  let alone for your partner. 

But as an executive mental health therapist for CEOs- this is a common issue that I’ve helped many CEOs address. This commonly happens when they’ve bootstrapped their business from the ground up. They want to control all outcomes in their business- but in the process- they feel like they’ve lost control of the outcomes they want in their marriage. Maybe this is you- and you’ve lost sight of whats most important to you, and why you started this business in the first place. 

So here’s what I want you to know: 

You don’t need to sacrifice your marriage, intimacy or your ambition in order to have the relationship and business you’ve always wanted. 

your marriage can thrive, as your business grows.

And my specialty as a therapist for entrepreneurs- is helping CEOs like you, learn how you can have exactly that. You get to have it all.

Executive Mental Health Therapist for CEOs

About Topsie VandenBosch, LMSW


I’m a proud first generation Nigerian immigrant, born of an Ivy league educated father, and a mother who was a hard working clinical therapist. For as long as I can remember, I always had a passion for making sure that my friends and people around me were emotionally well and loved. If a friend was crying- I would make sure that I supported them, in whatever way I could. I’ve always been a highly sensitive person- and that has never changed as I got older. By the time I got to college I knew that it was my gift- and I knew I needed to harness it, because its a gift. 

With encouragement and support from my parents- and with the glaring “D” I received in my algebra class that also helped ;-) - I decided to declare Social Work as my major. I didn’t care at the time how much money I would make. I just knew I wanted to make a difference in the lives of others- and leave them better than I found them. 

The moment I knew I was created for more. 

After I completed my years working in the corporate world, which ended with my time working at an adults mens prison- I knew I was created for more. I knew I needed to bet on myself, and take a leap of faith to work for myself- on my own terms.I was finally ready to take the first step into that decision by becoming a private practice therapist-as well as a therapist for entrepreneurs. This is where I knew that I could really focus on making the difference in the lives of my clients- without all of the restrictions, paperwork and obstacle courses that mental health agencies put you through. 

Eventually though- I decided that I was ready to use my skill-set in other industries- and this is where I discovered and fell in love with the industry of coaching business owners.

I became an accidental breadwinner.  

Before I knew it- my career as a Coach and Consultant for business owners also took off-which took my revenue to breadwinner status. So because of this personal experience I’ve had- you can trust that I understand the pressures that being the breadwinner can bring, onto you & your partners relationship. And because I deeply understand the complexities and emotional struggles that come with that title- I decided to put my Executive Mental health therapist hat on again- and become the therapist for entrepreneurs again. And I couldn’t be more excited to be serving you in this capacity.

I’m a straight shooter.  

Im a straight shooter- but I do it with compassion, and a tremendous amount of empathy. I believe that communication breakdowns are at the root of many marital and relationship struggles. But when you learn how to be clear and direct with your needs- relationships can be repaired,thrive, and become better than ever. This is why I believe in this work- and I can’t wait to help you reclaim what you believe you’ve lost in your marriage- ten-fold.

If you’re into personality tests...

If you’re into personality tests- I’m an Enneagram 7 with a hard wing 8, a Myers Briggs INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving) type, & if you’re into spiritual based personality tests- I’m a Human Design- Projector Type.

What does all of this mean? It means that my intuition is on point- and I see and notice things for what they are- not just what I’m being told. I have the gift of being able to understand and pinpoint exactly where and why certain beliefs, decisions and actions were made. This is what will allow us to not only explore how your needs in your marriage and business are being met currently- but also the root cause of the relationship disconnection- and the coping skills you’ll need to help you move forward. 

My approach as an Executive Mental Health Therapist for Entrepreneurs

My work as an Executive Therapist for entrepreneurs, is rooted in understanding how the systems around us (our family of origin system, work system, friendship system, marriage system, government system, etc)- alter and impact the choices we have and the decisions that we make. And if you’re a person of color- we will also explore how those systems and oppressive structures outside of you, contribute to your lived experiences as a human, business owner, and marital partner. Understanding your unique identity and your core beliefs-and how they’ve shaped your perspectives and decisions- are integral to the work we’ll do together.

 Bring your full self into our work together.

There are many spaces, especially for people of color- where we cannot be ourselves- and so we resort to code-switching, taming our language (not cursing because we fear it isn’t “professional”, for example)  changing our hairstyles, and how we dress. We do this to blend in, not offend, and be accepted into the environments & systems that we’re apart of- that are often built on systems of oppression. Well- I call bullshit on that. I want for the foundation of our work together to be rooted in your authenticity and mine- and so I ask that you bring the whole you into our work together. You are allowed to completely be yourself. You are accepted here. And I solemnly promise to never be the therapist robot with no personality, who never laughs, and never shows who she is- because thats a snoozefest. Your full humanity is welcomed here- as I hope mine is as well.

You don’t have to be so hard on yourself.

When you’re a CEO who constantly juggles different responsibilities- youre probably the hardest on yourself.  You’re responsible for your employees, contractors, service/product launches, and your businesses’ revenue goals. These responsibilities add additional stress on you, that further affects your relationships with your partner-and can make the distance between both of you even wider.

It can cause you to feel like its too late- and that you’re the worst human in the world for not prioritizing your marriage like you feel you should have. But I promise you- you were never meant to be the pillar of perfection. Nor does your partner expect you to be. Who you are, and all that comes along with loving you- whether its your ambition, work ethic or persistence-is enough, and has always been enough. And you don’t need to sacrifice any of that in order to have the marriage and business you’ve always wanted.

And I’m here to show you how you can have it all.


Here’s the professional bio-
which I know you’re dying to read 😂

I’m a Michigan State University, School of Social Work alumni. I graduated & received my Masters in Clinical Social Work degree from there in 2011. I was in the Advanced Standing program- meaning that I was accepted onto the accelerated degree track, and completed my masters degree within 10 months, which included doing an internship and coursework. Prior to graduate school- I attended and graduated from a small, liberal arts private college in a small town in Michigan close to the Toledo, Ohio border- called Adrian College. 

Much of my training and experience during my professional career has been rooted in a trauma informed approach- with a heavy emphasis on Solution Focused Therapy and Strengths Based therapy. There were several years during my time in the corporate landscape, that I held the title as a Substance Abuse Counselor, and I studied & passed the substance abuse certification exam. This prestigious designation was awarded to me from the Michigan Certification Board for Addiction Professionals. 

I have worked in many different settings with different populations of people during the 9 years I have practiced as a clinician. This provided me with the clinical expertise and comfort that I have in being able to work with people from different backgrounds today. 


I’ve dedicated my whole career to helping people experience emotional wholeness- and as an Executive mental health therapist for entrepreneurs- I know within my bones that this is what I sent to this Earth to do.

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individual therapy

These 60 minute sessions that we spend together- are the times that you get to finally be by yourself- without the noise, pressures and expectations that your team, clients, or even your partner has for you. 

You’re probably constantly over-stimulated, & worried you’re dropping the ball or forgetting something. But our time together is where you get to release the pressure to be all things to everyone-because you can’t support your clients, your team or your spouse-  if you’re not taking care of yourself. Our sessions are the place where you get to reimagine a marriage filled with the emotional intimacy and connection youve dreamed of- without feeling the need to sacrifice the momentum in your career. 

Your goals will be the compass guiding our sessions each week- and step by step, we’ll define what it looks like to work towards that reality- both in and out of the therapy session. 

Sound good? If so- book a consultation call with me below- and let’s make sure that we’re an aligned fit. 

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