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        HEY FRIEND!      

Are you ready to incorporate mindset coaching as an additional pillar to your coaching business?

in this self-paced course, you will:


Uncover your own mindset beliefs/blocks that come up as you incorporate mindset coaching into your practice


Learn 3 evidence based methods + skills to address your clients’ mindset struggles


 14 foundational coaching skills that assist in developing more trust with your ideal clients early on in your work together;


Develop your own signature process for leading clients through a mindset transformation

This continuing education self-paced course is designed to help you:

- Identify how + where mindset coaching can fill in the gaps inside of your current business model

- Crush the source of your doubts that blocked you from adding mindset coaching as a pillar in your business through learning self-coaching tools

- And equip you with the knowledge and education to confidently create your own signature coaching framework in your business.

 Join the waitlist for the next time Destroy the Mindset Drama Self-Paced course opens in April 2023.

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